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If you are struggling with an operational problem or if you are looking for an innovative solution. When you lack time to stay tuned with the latest developments and drive change in your field of expertise, while managing your own regular workload and agenda. Then Burner Industries is your innovative problem-solving partner. We are a B2B trading company and support your operation by providing you with the latest innovative solutions, from low-tech to high-tech. Burner sells (military) off the shelf products, but also helps resolve problems by implementing tailor made solutions in close cooperation with you and manufacturers. We incubate the latest industrial innovations by linking them to your operational needs.



If you need help getting connected to your target audience in the Military and Safety & Security Industry in Europe. When you are questioning yourself where to start and who to call. And if you are looking for feedback on your products to improve and innovate, Burner Industries is your gateway to Europe. We are the lead and sales force for suppliers. We connect you to an extensive network of professionals within the Military and Safety & Security industry in Europe. We boost (new) product development by setting up tests and trials within our network of end users. Tests are performed under the most demanding operational conditions which generate extremely valuable data for R&D and marketing purposes. Burner Industries is the information hub and gateway for Europe.

Burner Industries – The European Innovation Hub

Who we are

We have a rock-solid track record within the armed forces. Almost 20 years of combined international military experience. We’ve been involved in many types of operations, from special ops to amphibious warfare.

We have also earned our stripes in the transportation industry and pharmaceutical industry, where we’ve been responsible for crisis, operational and technical management, and accounted for leading numerous teams of specialists.

These experiences enable us to understand, advise and support the professional operational end users, and guide and consult manufacturers.

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The leading innovation hub


The gateway to Europe for suppliers


Almost 20 years of military experience


Extensive industrial experience


Closely connected to subject matter - experts within the Military and Safety & Security industry