SHYN - Epic Blue

  • Avoid the panic of not finding somebody in a crisis situation.
  • Keep situational awareness during operations, even in GPS denied areas.
  • Epic Blue’s Hyper Location™ solutions localize people without the need for elaborate infrastructures.
  • SHYN is the first AI-driven GPS that allows accurate positioning of people in the most demanding outdoor and indoor environments.

GUARDIAN - Epic Blue

GUARDIAN is the ultimate digital (lone) worker application built around validated professional devices such as smartphones and tablets.

T.E.D.D. - FoxFury Lighting solutions

  • Their innovative tactical electronic distraction device, T.E.D.D. (link), is a a wonderful addition to your operational tool kit.
  • It can be used to causes distraction in situations where explosives are out of bounds, such as in drug labs.
  • Available in two type: lights & sound and light & IR

NSA - Civilian Flame-Resistant clothing

  • High-performance flame-resistant work clothing.
  • Protects you working in the toughest industries.
  • Helps you get your job done safely.

Latest innovation:

NSA – Civilian Flame-Resistant clothing

Are you looking for high-performance flame-resistant work clothing? National Safety Apparel business is to protect you working in the toughest industries and to help you get your job done safely. As a reseller Burner Industries supplies you with the full range of products for a competitive price and delivers right at your doorstep. Please see the NSA catalogue (link) for the full line of inherent flame-resistant clothing that is made to endure even the most hazardous conditions.
I.C.E. Logo

“I wish i had this 15 years earlier. This I.C.E. Retrofit kit has made my work a LOT easier”

Jesse T. paramedic in England

Public & private security:

innovations that make the job better

When safety, efficiency, and reliability are key in your business. When you are looking to improve your current processes and tools, but you are a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. Burner Industries can help you tab into the latest innovations that can make your operation safer and more efficient. We tailor every solution to your need, whether they are custom made or off the shelf. Burner Industries can provide you with the best safety clothing and equipment to keep your most valuable assets safe. Our (lone) worker and tracking solutions help to make your operation safer and more efficient.